Agenda – March 2018

March 3, 2018
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7.30pm on 6th March 2018 – Sheepy Memorial Hall

1. To receive apologies and approval of absences

2. To approve Declarations of Interest and Request for Dispensations

3. Parishioners open forum

4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 6th February 2018

5. Clerk’s report (includes a progress update on resolutions)

a) 2018/19 Budget circulated – confirmed as accurate.
b) ‘Big Things’ project – discuss support request for this application*.
c) Donation request from Sheepy Bonfire Society – discuss*.
d) Grit bin request for B585, Wellsborough Rd, Sheepy Parva – discuss*.
e) LRALC updates.
f) Creation of dedicated email addresses for Councillors – discuss.

*items deferred from previous meeting

6. Reports – to receive reports/updates from:

a) County Councillor
b) Borough Councillor
c) Police & Crime figures (December 2017)

7. Neighbourhood plan – to receive update on progress

8. Broadband – to receive a report on Broadband in the parish

9. Litter and footpaths – to receive a report on Litter and Footpaths

a) Surveillance camera request from HBBC – update.
b) Complaint received from a parishioner concerning fly-tipping and graffiti at Lovetts Bridge.

10. Vehicle activated sign – to receive a report on the up to date position.

11. LCC Highways

a) Sheepy Magna (Main Rd) speed limit reduction refusal – discuss.
b) ‘Slow’ sign causing pedestrian obstruction on grass verge – discuss.

12. Policies and procedures

a) Planning Code of Good Practice for Councillors – discuss.
b) GDPR (former Data Protection Act) – update.

13. Planning applications

Application Location Dated
a) 17/01268/FUL Removal of two mobile homes & residential storage barn & erection of dwelling: Meadow Barn, Shenton Lane, Upton. 01/02/18
b) 17/01142/CQGDO
(withdrawn) Prior approval for a proposed change of use of an agricultural building to three dwellings (C3) and associated operational development: Village Farm House, Sheepy Road, Sibson. 08/02/18
c) 18/00181/HEDGE Removal of hedge within farm boundaries: Land East of Bridleway S86, Sibson. 27/02/18

14. General correspondence

a) Email regarding electric/lighting works to Sheepy Memorial Hall.
b) Leicestershire Police invitation to IAG engagement event.
c) Leader open evening invitation.

15. Finance

a) Cheques – to approve cheques to be signed at meeting.

16. Pension

a) Authorise writing to Clerk to offer a pension and review any pension details available.

17. Health and safety updates

a) PAT testing required for electrical items.

18. Matters to note/add to a future agenda

Date of next meeting: 3rd April at Sibson Village Hall (7:30pm)