Agenda Parish Council Meeting

January 31, 2018
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The next Sheepy Parish Council meeting is to be held on Tuesday, 6th February at Sibson Village Hall, starting at 7.30 pm


  1. To receive apologies and approval of absences
  1. To approve Declarations of Interest and Request for Dispensations
  1. Presentation from HBBC Planning re Local Plan
  1. Parishioners Open Forum
  1. To approve the Minutes of meeting held on 5th December 2017 and Extraordinary Meeting of 16th January 2018.
  1. To receive the Clerk’s Report and update the progress of resolutions from the last meeting.
  1. To receive report by County Councillor
  1. To receive report by Borough Councillor
  1. Correspondence

Email from LCC re speed limit on B585*

Email from LCC re Vehicle Activated Sign on B585*

Email re Superfast Broadband – Upton February 2018 and Ratcliffe Lane end of Sheepy Magna – March 2018*

LRALC round robin re Data Protection Officer and Reserves*

HBBC – Local Plan Review – will the Parish Council be responding*

Leicestershire Growth Plan*

Request for donation from Sheepy Bonfire Society*

Witherley Neighbourhood Plan*

Big Things poster* – request for Parish Council support for application

Ivan Ould email to LCC re extending 30 mph on B4116*

HBBC – any conservation/heritage projects (quotes by 2nd March 2018)*

*Circulated by email

10  Neighbourhood Plan

To receive update on progress

11 Broadband

To receive a report on Broadband in the parish

12  Litter and Footpaths

To receive a report on Litter and Footpaths

13  Vehicle Activated Sign

To receive a report on the up to date position

14 Finance

Reserves – to review

Direct Debits– review direct debits to Eon and HMRC

Receive copy of Budget 2018/2019 and Bank Reconciliation December 2017Cheques

To approve cheques sent in January and cheques to be signed at meeting.

15 Crime Figures

To receive the crime figures for October and to consider whether Councillors want to carry on receiving these figures as they are so out of date.

16 Planning Code of Good Practice for Councillors

To discuss the draft paper prepared by Andrea Johnson

17 Meeting Dates for 2018

 18 Bank Mandate

To update Bank Mandate

19 Pension

To authorise writing to Clerk to offer her a pension and review any pension details available.

20.Planning Applications

17/01162/HOU         Proposed Orangery, Pinwall Lodge, Pinwall

17/01142/CQGDO  Change of use of agricultural buildings to 3 detached

Buildings Village Farm, Sibson

17/01303/FUL           Erection of portal framed livestock building.

Land South Of Bosworth Road Wellsborough

17/01318/FUL           Change of use of stables to shop (Use Class A1)

Manor Farm Cottage Bosworth Road, Wellsborough

17/01141/FUL           Change of use of public house to single dwelling, demolition of the adjoining outbuildings and the erection of four new dwellings and garages – Red Lion, Atherstone Road, Pinwall

18/00049/HOU         Erection of a porch and a single storey side and rear extension – Oakleigh Pinwall Lane, Pinwall

18/00023/HOU         Demolition of double garage and erection of new double garage and ancillary residential annexe

The Lake House, Bosworth Road, Wellsborough

17/0150/OUT            Demolition of care home building and erection of up to 20 dwellings including conversion of former chapel to dwelling and associated access, drainage and landscaping works (in part).

Hornsey Rise Memorial Home, Bosworth Road, Wellsborough

21 Any Other Business