Minutes – February 2018

March 3, 2018
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Minutes of Sheepy Parish Council Meeting

Sibson Village Hall – 6th February 2018

Opened at 19:30

1) Attendance and Apologies

Councillors: J. Aldridge (Chair), P. Bingham, A. Bridgwater, D. Clarke, S. Hawksworth, A. Johnson, B. May, J. Nichols, I. Papworth, C. Stretton, R. Ward. Clerk: C. Bailey
Apologies: none
County Councillor: I. Ould
Borough Councillor: K. Morrell
Parishioners: 6

2) Declaration of Interest and Request for Dispensations – none declared.

3) Local Plan Review (2036) Presentation from HBBC Planning

S. Hatfield and K. Pegg presented an overview of the local plan with a brief mention of the Strategic Growth Plan.

Garden Village Option: may result in several villages. Garden villages would require a new primary school (not secondary) a doctors, dentist, plus other infrastructure. However, it would be difficult to deliver within the required timeframe. The site location(s) would form part of the consultation process.

Resolved: Council approved the consultation response as prepared by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee. Proposed by Cllr. Ward, seconded by Cllr. Nichols. Unanimous agreement.

4) Parishioners Open Forum

Hornsey Rise planning application bought forward for discussion due to access concerns raised by a parishioner. Cllr. Ould reported LCC Highways are not in favour of the current proposal. Council’s response recorded under minute reference 20(h).

Sheepy village sale (10-2pm on 7th May 2018). Additional marshals are required. Further details to be circulated shortly by the organisers.

Sheepy Good Neighbour Scheme requires volunteers to offer support to the community (carry out odd jobs, provide transport, etc.). DBS checks will be carried out. Further details are available in the Sheepy Gazette.

5) Approval of Minutes (Meeting on 5 Dec 2017 & Extraordinary Meeting on 16 Jan 2018).

The minutes for both meetings were accepted as a true and correct record. Signed by the Chairman, Cllr. Aldridge.

6) Clerk’s Report and Resolution Progress

• Icy roads: two complaints received regarding icy roads in Sheepy Parva and Upton. Complainants referred to LCC. Cllr. Ould confirmed that LCC Highways will not grit rural roads, but residents and other travellers used grit from the bins to rectify the problem (noted).
• Grit bins: request from parishioner for a grit bin on the B585, Wellsborough Road (bend after Home Farm). LCC Highways will supply a bin for £200 and top up at no charge. Applications to be completed by June for the following winter. Resolved: to carry forward to next meeting.

7) County Councillor Report (received)

B585, Wellsborough speed limit improvements: are in progress.

A444, Watery Lane keep left signs: have been replaced.

Sheepy Main Rd speed limit: Cllr. Ould has formally written to LCC Highways requesting a speed limit reduction to 30mph throughout Sheepy Magna, noting the two recent accidents.

Trout Ponds development: 30mph speed limit needs to be moved out towards Twycross as the development has been built up to the limit. Cllr. Ould will also raise this.

Road signs: signs to be cleaned and white lines to be repainted.

8) Borough Councillor Report (received)

Parish Community Initiative Fund: 47 applications received in 2018 for £215k. Applicants will be advised of the outcome in May.

Changes to recycling: bin caddies will be removed from March. A sticker will be placed on the bin indicating when the recycling can be mixed, it must not be done before this time.

Upton sign damage: Cllr. Morrell is waiting for a reply.

9) Correspondence – the following were circulated by email, discussed at the meeting and noted.

a) Email from LCC re speed limit on B585.
b) Email from LCC re Vehicle Activated Sign on B585.
c) Email re Superfast Broadband: Upton due February 2018 and Ratcliffe Lane end of Sheepy Magna due March 2018.
d) LRALC round robin re Data Protection Officer and Reserves.
e) HBBC – Local Plan Review.
f) Leicestershire Growth Plan.
g) Request for donation from Sheepy Bonfire Society.
h) Witherley Neighbourhood Plan.
i) ‘Big Things’ project and poster – request for Parish Council support for application: Cllr. Aldridge to discuss further with C. O’Donnell and report back to Council.
j) Ivan Ould email to LCC re extending 30 mph on B4116.
k) HBBC – any conservation/heritage projects (quotes by 2nd March 2018).

10) Neighbourhood Plan: report received.

11) Broadband: report received.

Lower Sheepy (Atherstone Exchange) – go live in March. Upton – due shortly. Wellsborough – awaiting further information.

12) Litter and Footpaths: report received.

Two new volunteers recruited for litter picking. Four fly-tipping incidents (within 7 months) near Lovetts Bridge, Watery Lane. A parishioner is seeking advice from third parties as to whether access to the bridge can be restricted, however the Parish Council do not support this approach as it is a public right of way. The Litter Pickers Group would like to apply for funding for a fly-tipping surveillance camera for the Parish (approx. £150). Resolved: Cllr. Morrell agreed to look into obtaining cameras from HBBC. Notification of the Great British Spring Clean 2-4th March.

Risk assessments: on village signs, noticeboards and bus shelter carried out with no issues to report. Slight green staining on signs will be cleaned by Cllr. Papworth when the weather improves. Cllr. Aldridge has risk assessed the churchyard with no issues to report.

13) Vehicle Activated Sign: report received.

The sign has been turned in Sheepy and is due to be moved to Pinwall shortly. A report is due in the spring. Risk assessment carried out in Wellsborough (there are no suitable locations at present so a new post and further assessment is required. Cllr. Ward will discuss further with LCC as to the possible location of the post).

14) Finance

a) Reserves: a copy of the Budget 2018/2019 was circulated. Councillors resolved to retain a Reserves Policy value of £18,000, however for 2018/2019 the reserves will be lower due to increased expenditure. This was unanimously agreed as a ‘one-off’.
b) Direct Debits: Eon for monthly streetlight electric charge and HMRC for income tax for Clerk.
c) Budget 2018/2019 and Bank Reconciliation: circulated.
d) Cheques: approved and signed cheques as follows:

Cheques issued in January:
M. Bassett Salary and expenses £576.44
M & BG Grass-cutting monthly fee £349.94*
M & BG Grass-cutting monthly fee £349.94*
Sibson Village Hall Hire of Hall for Defib training £48.00
M & BG Footpath from Glade to Main Rd £9,600.00*
Eon Street light maintenance quarter £93.91*
Graphic Press Hard copies N Plan £205.60*
HBBC Empty dog waste bins £241.00*
Information Commissioner Data Protection Register £35.00
Viking Stationery £116.96*
Expand Digital Website Hosting £89.99*

Cheques raised during the meeting:
M Bassett Salary and expenses £576.44
M Calcott Cutting hedge on Playing Field £60.00*
C. Bailey Mobile phone for Parish Council £39.99

*includes VAT

Standing Orders: Eon electricity for November 2017 (£35.54) and December 2017 (£36.73). New standing order for Haines Watts Payroll Services (£225 pa) approved and signed.

Direct Debits: HMRC December (£418.80) for quarter income tax for Clerk.

Income: £4,800 received from Parish & Community Initiative Fund for Footpath from Glade to Main Road. £636 received from s106 money for Footpath for maintenance. This is the last of the s106 money due for completed projects (noted).

15) Crime Figures (October & November): Council resolved to continue receiving crime figures.

Sheepy Magna: 1 x burglary – Main Road – no suspects
Sibson: 1 x violence and sexual offence – Manor View – under investigation
Upton: 2 x violence and sexual offence – Main Road – unable to prosecute

Sheepy Magna: 1 x anti-social behaviour – Orton Lane
16) Planning Code of Good Practice for Councillors: carried forward to next meeting.

17. Meeting Dates for 2018:

Due to Clerk’s prior commitments, meeting changes were proposed. The Council resolved to 1) continue with the April meeting (to receive an early agenda) and to recruit a locum clerk for the meeting, and 2) to change the meeting from August to July.

18. Bank Mandate

New bank mandate signed. C. Bailey added as the ‘Proper Officer’ on behalf of the Council. Change of address for bank correspondence signed.

19. Pension

The Council are required to write to the Clerk to offer a pension. Carried forward to the next meeting.

20. Planning Applications

a) 17/01162/HOU: Proposed Orangery, Pinwall Lodge, Pinwall (noted).
b) 17/01142/CQGDO: Change of use of agricultural buildings to 3 detached buildings Village Farm, Sibson (noted).
c) 17/01303/FUL: Erection of portal framed livestock building. Land south of Bosworth Road, Wellsborough (noted).
d) 17/01318/FUL: Change of use of stables to shop (Use Class A1). Manor Farm Cottage, Bosworth Road, Wellsborough (noted).
e) 17/01141/FUL: Change of use of public house to single dwelling, demolition of the adjoining outbuildings and the erection of four new dwellings and garages – Red Lion, Atherstone Road, Pinwall (noted).
f) 18/00049/HOU: Erection of a porch and a single storey side and rear extension. Oakleigh Pinwall Lane, Pinwall (noted).
g) 18/00023/HOU: Demolition of double garage and erection of new double garage and ancillary residential annexe. The Lake House, Bosworth Road, Wellsborough (noted).
h) 17/0150/OUT: Demolition of care home building and erection of up to 20 dwellings including conversion of former chapel to dwelling and associated access, drainage and landscaping works (in part). Hornsey Rise Memorial Site, Bosworth Road, Wellsborough (Response “the Council has reservations concerning the safety of the access which is on a sharp bend. If this application is authorised then the Parish Council request that the speed limit is reduced to a maximum of 40mph and that HBBC consider other speed reduction solutions to improve the safety of vehicles accessing the site”. Proposed by Cllr. Hawksworth seconded by Cllr. Ward. Unanimous agreement).

21. Any Other Business

No further issues raised.
Meeting closed: 21.45

Next meeting: 6th March 2018 at 19.30 in Sheepy Memorial Hall