Minutes of December Parish Council Meeting

December 11, 2017
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Minutes of Sheepy Parish Council Meeting

Sheepy Memorial Hall – 5th December 2017


1)Attendance and Apologies – Jim Aldridge (Chair) Pat Bingham, Amelia Bridgwater, David Clarke, Stuart Hawksworth, Andrea Johnson, Brian May, Jane Nichols, Ian Papworth, Clive Stretton, Rob Ward: Ivan Ould, Kevin Morrell, Mavis Bassett (Clerk) 8  Parishioners,

Apologies: none 

2) Declaration of Interest and Request for Dispensations:  no interest was declared.

3) Parishioners Open Forum – no comments were made. 

4) Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 7th November 2017 and Extraordinary meeting of 29 November 2017 were accepted as a true and correct record. 

5) Matters Arising from Minutes – Clerk’s Report

Response to mobile speed camera on Twycross Road, Sheepy Magna:  LCC have carried out a survey and report that the recorded vehicle speeds were 33 mph and this is in normal tolerance for 30mph limit.

6) Report by County Councillor:  Ivan Ould’s report had been circulated to Councillors. He also commented that MIRA were looking to develop on opposite side of Road to where they were located and speed checks were being carried out on B585.  Recorded speeds were 51.9 mph, in view of the school, he felt that the request for 40 mph should still stand.

7) Report by Borough Councillor:  

  • Rural Conference was well attended and John Ward gave a good presentation on Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Parish Community Initiative Fund (PCIF) now open.
  • Planning application for Hornsey Rise will go to January Planning meeting.
  • The Strategic Growth Plan will go out for consultation during January and February.

Stuart Hawksworth asked how many houses were in the Plan for Sheepy and Kevin responded it was a minimum of 20 and now 43 had been built.

8) Correspondence – the following was discussed and noted:

Letter from parishioner re shop

9) Neighbourhood Plan – the Chair of the Steering Group reported:

  • There had been 2 drop in sessions
  • 4 page summary had been hand delivered to all houses
  • Time plan now was to collate feedback, finalise plan, liaise with HBBC and then to referendum.
  • Documentation was on website
  • Hard copies in Sheepy and Sibson Village Halls and Churches.

10) Broadband – Nothing to report but the interactive map for the Superfast Leicestershire Project has been updated https://maps.farrpoint.com/WebApps/SuperfastLeicestershire/

11) Litter and Footpaths – Ian Papworth reported:

Litter – Ratcliffe bridge area still bad.  Cubs/Scouts will remove the leaves under the Horse Chestnut, which has leaf miner.

Footpaths new footpath now completed from Glade to Main Road.  Issue with dog fouling on new path.

12) Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) – the sign at the South end of the village will be turned round next week. 

13) Finance

It was noted and approved by Councillors that the training pads for the Defibrillators  have gone up to £88 each plus shipping and excluding VAT.


The following cheques were signed at December meeting:

M Bassett                    Salary and expenses              £576.44

M Bassett                    Xmas tree lights                      £325.98

Sibson Village Hall      Insurance                                £487.24

Eon                              Streetlight repairs                    £85.20*

Defib Central               2 sets training pads                 £220.20*

The following cheque was to be held and Neighbourhood Plan committee to confirm when it can be paid:

Planit-X                       NP Consultancy                      £5,643.30*(this covers cheque for £2,702.70, which was issued in September but not received and therefore cancelled

Standing Order for Eon street-lights in October £36.73*

*includes VAT

b) Budget

Revised budget was circulated. After discussion it was proposed by Stuart Hawksworth, seconded by Ian Papworth and all in agreement that the precept should be increased to £30,000 and Clerk to advise what increase this would be when tax base received.  £500 extra to be put in to cover new Clerk pension and overlap this year.  Also £500 towards Data Protection Manager next year. It was noted that this would decrease the Reserve and this to be discussed at February meeting.

14) Crime Figures

September – 4 crimes

Sheepy Parva

1 x burglary Mill Lane – investigation complete no suspects


1 x other theft, Glebe Lane – investigation complete1 x criminal damage no suspects

1 x public order Glebe Lane – under investigation


1 x criminal damage and arson – under investigation

15) Planning Code of Good Practice for Councillors – to be discussed at February meeting.

16) Planning Applications

The following were noted:

17/01141/FUL          Change of use of public house to single dwelling, demolition of the adjoining outbuildings and the erection of four new dwellings and garages: Red Lion   Pinwall   (this had already been discussed at Extraordinary meeting).

17/01212/FUL           Works to existing access onto B4116 Pinwall Hall Farm, Sheepy Road, Pinwall

17)  Any Other Business

David Clarke reported that the road signs were looking shoddy and falling down.  Kevin Morrell to look into this.

The meeting closed at 9pm

Date of next meeting: 6 February 2018, 7.30pm, Sibson Village Hall