Minutes of September Parish Council Meeting

September 8, 2017
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Minutes of Sheepy Parish Council Meeting

Sheepy Memorial Hall  5th September 2017


1) Attendance and Apologies – Jim Aldridge (Chair) Pat Bingham, Amelia Bridgwater, Stuart Hawksworth, Andrea Johnson

Mavis Bassett  Clerk, 6 Parishioners, Ivan Ould

Apologies – David Clarke, Brian May, Jane Nichols, Ian Papworth, Clive Stretton, Rob Ward and Kevin Morrell

The Chairman informed the meeting that sadly Oz Hall had passed away at the beginning of September. Oz had been a Councillor for 4 years from 2007 to 2010.  Oz had contributed a lot to the parish as well as looking after the churchyard. 

2) Declaration of Interest and Request for Dispensations  no interest was declared.

3) Parishioners Open Forum 

  • Parishioner complained about speeding on B585 at Wellsborough. It was noted that the area by the Dixie school was 50 mph and the Parish Council were not able to use the Vehicle Activated sign (VAS) there. After discussion, the Clerk was asked to write to LCC Highways asking permission to use the VAS in view of the high speed vehicles were travelling, the proximity of the school and the dangerous bend. This would then provide evidence for lowering the speed limit.
  • Parishioner complained about cars parking on both sides of the road at the Water Park. It was noted that this had been a problem throughout the summer. Clerk was asked to write to LCC Highways, enclosing photographic evidence and asking for their help with this problem.
  • Parishioner complained about the old Pilgrim Homes at Wellsborough.  The fence had been broken down and trespassers were entering the area and causing a nuisance in the surrounding area.  Also a fire had been started and residents were worried about asbestos in the air.  Clerk was asked to report this to Environment at HBBC and also to write to Planning, asking if there was any further action on this site and stating that the Parish Council would prefer the whole site to be developed and not just the footprint of the home.
  • Parishioner reported that the Scarecrow Festival had been a great success. The Chair congratulated the Bonfire Society, who had organised the event and thanked them for their hard work.
  • Parishioner said that he was still hoping to get a 6th name, so that a request for allotments can be submitted to the Parish Council. Stuart Hawksworth was asked to contact the Thomas Levinge Charity to see if they had any land, which could be used as allotments.

4) Minutes of the Parish Council meeting on 1st August 2017 – were accepted as a true and correct record.

5) Matters Arising from Minutes – Clerk’s Report

  • Overgrown hedges in Ratcliffe Lane – LCC have served notices on the owners of the properties that they cut back hedges,
  • Mobile speed camera – emailed Graham Compton (Police) but no response
  • Parking issues on Main Road near Trout Pond Farm – HBBC has advised that should parking issues arise along the Main Road, a potential solution would be for the Highway Authority to restrict parking through the use of double yellow lines. However, this would not be dealt with by the Local Planning Authority; the matter would be dealt with by Leicestershire County Council (Highways).
  • Tree Warden – Jane Nicholls would like to pass on her of thanks to Andrew Gough for taking the time to share both useful information and contact details, all of which will provide useful to her in her role as tree warden.
  • Bonfire Society -now they are fully funded, it has been suggested we can help with publicity – Councillors agreed to this.
  • Defibrillators – they will be fitted by end September
  • Clearing path at Glade - Councillors approved a quote for £150 plus VAT from M&BG

6) Report by County Councillor  Ivan Ould’s report had been circulated to Councillors and main points included:

  • Victim First – their Freephone is 0800 953 9595, for anyone who needs help as a result of a crime or anti-social behaviour. Their website is www.victimfirst.org.
  • Meeting with Leicestershire Safer Communities Board
  • Meeting with East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) – any complaints about ambulance attendance should be made to EMAS on 0333 012 4216 (local rate), or e-mailed to pals@nhs.net with a copy sent to Ivan.
  • Bend at Ratcliffe Lane trying to get a slow-down sign.

7) Report by Borough Councillor  no report available.

8) Correspondence – the following was discussed or noted:

Email from parishioner thanking for donation to Sibson Christmas tree.

Email from Scouts thanking for donation.

Email from parishioner re bad bend junction Ratcliffe/Pinwall Lane

Email from parishioner about bin near Ratcliffe Lane*

Email from parishioner re neighbourhood dispute

Anonymous letter complaining about access to Playing Field

Western Power – now have a more accurate way of looking at annual usage and has carried out an update on our streetlights, meaning an increase in cost. After discussion, it was decided to stay with Eon as it was not the price per kw, which has been increased, but the fact that Western Power have now found a more accurate way of calculating usage.

HBBC – Environmental Health Newsletter*


LRALC – Conference about Building Communities* – Stuart Hawksworth to attend the conference at Glenfield on 5th October. After discussion, it was agreed that there should be discussion on this topic and the Clerk was asked to put in on November agenda.

Bonfire Society  it was agreed there was no need for further work on the pump.The Chair reported that the landlords at the Black Horse had agreed to look after the flowers.

*circulated by email prior to meeting

9) Neighbourhood Plan – the Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan (N Plan) was unable to attend the meeting but a copy of his report had been circulated to Councillors.  It was noted:

Steering Groups are meeting weekly to finalise the N Plan document to be signed off by Parish Council by November.

The Communications Officer is working on a pre submission document to inform parishioners about the N Plan

Rob Ward has agreed to act as Finance Officer on a permanent basis.

All Councillors recognised the hours of work put in by the Steering Committee and thanks was passed to them.

10) Broadband  Stuart Hawksworth reported that he was trying to get evidence for funding for Broadband to be brought to Wellsborough. Other areas were being monitored.

11) Litter and Footpaths – no report available.

12) Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) – Rob Ward was not available to report but it was noted that the VAS location is due to be changed and that the posts should be received by end September.

1)3 Finance


The following cheques were signed at September meeting:

M Bassett Salary and expenses£576.44

M& BG Grass cutting July £349.94*

M& BG  Grass cutting August £349.94*

Parish Online Mapping for N Plan£91.20*

Sibson Village Hall Cttee Donation Xmas tree £100

Physio Control 3 x Defibrillators £2,340.00*

Planit-Consultant N Plan£2,702.70*

Sheepy Playing Field Ass Insurance £1,210.48

Standing Order for Eon street-lights in July £14.26*

*includes VAT

Stuart Hawksworth queried the cost of insurance last year for Sheepy PFA.  Clerk to report to Stuart.

14) Crime Figures

May – 5 crimes

Sheepy Magna

1 x violence/sexual behaviour – on/near Riverside Close  under investigation

1 x burglary – on/near Riverside Close under investigation

1 x burglary -Manor View under investigation

1 x burglary -Twycross Road complete no suspect

1 x violence & sexual behaviour -on/near Glebe Lane unable to prosecute

June -12 crimes

Sheepy Magna

2 x burglary  Riverside Close complete no suspect  1 x criminal damage  Riverside Close  complete no suspect

1 x burglary  Main Road complete no suspect

1 x violence & sexual offence  Park View   under investigation

1 x burglary  Ratcliffe Lane complete no suspect


1 x burglary  on/near Smith’s Garage under investigation

Sheepy Parva

4 x burglaries  Wellsborough Road –  3 x complete no suspect

1 x under investigation


1 x burglary  Main Road  under investigation

1 x vehicle crime  complete no suspect

15) New Data Protection Law  it was agreed to postpone this to next meeting

16) Planning

The following were noted and no comments were made:

17/00610/LBC re-consultation on single storey rear extension, Bridge House, 2 Church Lane, Sheepy Magna.

17/00736/HOU  single storey rear extension 6 The White Houses, Sibson


17) Any Other Business 

Cones opposite Sheepy Memorial Hall were discussed and it was agreed they were serving a purpose.

The meeting closed at 8.45 pm

Date of next meeting: 3rd October, 7.30pm, Sheepy Memorial Hall